Effective for a wide range of common health complaints

Acupuncture can help you with:

  • Emotional: Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood swings, nervousness
  • Pain: Muscle pain and cramping, back, shoulder and joint pain, arthritis, sports injuries, strains and sprains, sciatica; headaches and migraines
  • Cardiovascular: High blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor circulation, palpitations, angina, atrial fibrillation, anemia, edema
  • Women’s Health: PMS, infertility, menstrual disorders, pregnancy and fertility enhancement, menopause symptoms, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, incontinence                      
  • Men’s Health: Sexual dysfunction, BPH- Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, infertility, prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, urinary dribbling, frequent urination
  • Other Benefits: Autoimmune diseases, endocrine issues, adjunctive cancer therapy, increase energy, smoking cessation and other addictions, ear and eye health

Often, we find that many people have regular treatments because they find it beneficial and relaxing.

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Traditional acupuncture has a very positive model of good health and function, viewing pain and illness as signs that the body is out of balance. The aim of acupuncture treatment is to restore this balance thereby enhancing health. Traditional acupuncturists believe that illness and pain occur when the body's qi, or vital energy, cannot flow freely. The use of ultra-fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, aims to re-establish the free flow of qi to restore balance and facilitate the body's natural healing response.
Our acupuncturist also uses other traditional Chinese remedies such as traditional Chinese massage, acupressure and meridian massage, as well as cupping and moxibustion to complement Acupuncture treatment.